4 Levels of Leadership Success

Wednesday, October 24th at 1:00 Eastern


Do you have what it takes to be an effective leader?
Today, leaders need to know how to lead on multiple levels – requiring an expanded perspective of leadership. By understanding these levels you can begin to apply your leadership purpose, create sense of excitement in the workplace, and help others achieve their personal and professional goals.
Join Tom Roth, COO of Wilson Learning, on Wednesday, October 24th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern, as he explores the four levels of leadership that can broaden your understanding of leadership, revitalize your leadership purpose and create a renewed sense of direction in your professional life.

  • Lead one’s self – be able to identify and understand your leadership values and purpose.
  • Lead others – be able to delegate, guide others and grow their skills and talents.
  • One to group – be able to build team culture that generates enthusiasm for the team and its goals.
  • Create a work culture – be a role model and build a culture that fully engages people and gets them to commit their energy to the organization.

About the Speaker

Tom Roth is Chief Operating Officer for Wilson Learning Worldwide. As such he is responsible for the strategic direction and business performance of Wilson Learning Worldwide operations. In addition, he leads the global marketing services and R&D solutions group. Before assuming his current role, he was responsible for global R&D and solution development. He also served as President of Wilson Learning Americas. He assists global executive leadership teams with issues related to employee engagement, leadership development, strategy alignment, and business transformation. Roth has spent over 35 years developing and implementing human performance improvement solutions. He is the co-author of the book Creating the High-Performance Team, and is published in numerous business publications.

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