4 Simple Steps to Raising All the Money Your Nonprofit Needs

In the world of the nonprofit, it’s all about fundraising. But it shouldn’t be all about you! For too long, nonprofit staff have focused their fundraising efforts on the organization’s needs, while donors have become savvy and are more interested in outcomes and how you’ll use their gift than ever before. The techniques that worked years ago don’t work anymore. In this webinar, you’ll learn the donor-based fundraising techniques that ARE working. We’ll cover the 4 simple steps that you can follow to effectively raise those much-needed operating dollars for your nonprofit. You’ll get practical information that you can implement right away and take advantage of the end-of-year fundraising time.

-How to tell your nonprofit’s story in an irresistible way so that donors will open up their wallets.
-Tips on asking for a gift that connect with a donor emotionally and strengthen relationships.
-How to delight a donor with warm, compelling acknowledgement.
-Steps to build loyal donors who give year after year.

Sandy Rees, CFRE, is a nonprofit fundraising coach and consultant who specialized in showing nonprofit leaders how to raise the money of their dreams. She is an AFP Master Trainer and regularly leads workshops on a variety of topics for organizations around the country and around the world. Sandy is the author of the books “Fundraising Buffet,” “Simple Success Fundraising Plan,” and “Get Fully Funded: How to Raise the Money of Your Dreams.”
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