5 Steps to Turning Big Data into Behavior

Marketers are collecting a ton of customer information, but too many aren’t using it to yield results. In addition to missing a big opportunity, they risk being shunned by a more educated, sophisticated and demanding customer who expects to be marketed to as an individual.

Learn 5 things you can do to deliver amazing customer experiences, including building a centralized database, segmenting, personalizing the website experience, using dynamic content and getting personal via automation.

Dave Walters is a 20-year digital marketing veteran with a career split almost equally among Fortune 50 corporations, Top 5 interactive agencies and, most recently, the technology start-up world. As the final businessperson before IT, he typically sits at the intersection of business need and technical build—most often with a marketing-driven view of the world. As a product evangelist, Dave works hands-on with Silverpop customers to sharpen their marketing strategies and architect technology solutions that solve business problems. He most often works with cross-functional stakeholders to bridge the organizational gaps between marketing, IT, operations and executive management.


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