An Introduction to Raising More Money without Asking

This nonprofit webinar is a preliminary session to our premium webinar “Outrageously Successful Fundraising-Raise More Money without Asking.” This preliminary webinar will provide you with valuable takeaways and new insights about how to raise more money without asking. To change people’s actions your communication must change. This session will give you fun, new ideas about how to talk about your fundraising needs. Participants in this free webinar will receive a discount code for the the premium webinar.

This nonprofit webinar will cover:
-What is the one thing that causes success in any kind of fundraising?
-A review of where you currently share information about your funding needs.
-How to choose new language to share how much money your nonprofit organization needs to raise.
-How to use methods other than asking for money so people WANT to support you.
-Examples of how other nonprofits have shifted their communication and raised more money.


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