Art for Teens and Tweens

This hands-on workshop will show you how to create low-cost, high-interest creative experiences that engage teens and tweens. NO art experience necessary.

Academic Library staff will be able to teach basic art techniques in a program that will allow students to take a creative pause and allow their brains to process the information they are studying. All art techniques discussed will be appropriate for both teens OR adults.

Public Library staff will find this training a beneficial experience, providing them with the opportunity to engage the teens in their community. This seminar will provide staff with information on how to conduct art programs at your library, including tips for setup, materials lists, related books and media connections.

School Librarians and Media Specialists will leave this workshop with the skills they need to create programs in the school library that will engage teens and tweens and allow them to express themselves creatively. Explore a new way to convey ideas of art, history, self-expression in a program that supports Common Core curriculums and goals.

Special Librarians will learn how to create programs at their facility that will engage teens and tweens and allow them to express themselves and relax. While the program materials presented are intended for teens and tweens, all techniques are additionally appropriate for adults.

Location: Mid-County Regional Library – 2050 Forrest Nelson Boulevard, Port Charlotte, Florida 33952

Presenter: Artistic Literacy

Other Information:
Artistic Literacy is a group of librarians, artists, and educators who are committed to teaching others how to connect art to literacy through programming. Elizabeth McConney and Amber Holley both have years of experience working in libraries and providing programs for teens and tweens.

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