Big Data-Fueled Marketing Intelligence: Six Ingredients to Smarter Marketing

Corporate marketing is undergoing a sea change in the way it operates and data is the key to that process. However, recent surveys indicate 70% or more of CMOs “feel ill-equipped to deal with the data coming at them from all directions.”

Big data is fundamentally changing every aspect of the business world and with the deluge of data comes expectations that modern marketers become more data-driven.

Join Domo and the American Marketing Association for an informative webinar exploring how new insights emanating from your own Big Data sources can lead to a dramatic increase in your organization’s marketing IQ.

Discussion topics Include:
•Overview of Big Data
•The Explosion of Marketing Data
•6 Ingredients to Big Data-Fueled Marketing
•Lessons Learned from an Data-Driven Marketer
•New Marketing Dashboard Technologies

Tom has spent the last seven years developing, optimizing and marketing successful SaaS startups. His affinity for innovative technologies led him to Domo, where he currently holds the position of Senior Director of Product Marketing. As part of this role, Tom enjoys the opportunity to produce content strategies for data-driven marketing campaigns.


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