Bold Intentions for Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership effectiveness is often cited as of critical importance to nonprofits. You add it to your goals but then get side-tracked by more immediate priorities that make leadership development seem such a luxury. This webinar speaks to anyone, at any level, who wants to take responsibility–starting right now–for enhancing their own effectiveness at leading.

-Understanding of the broad themes in leadership theory and exposure to the ‘Bold Intentions’ framework.
-Insights into your own strengths and developmental opportunities among key drivers of effective leadership.
-A foundation for establishing a personal plan of action directly following from the webinar.

Daniel Doucette is a leadership coach and advisor as well as founder of Windfires: Leadership Engagement Strategies (, offering coaching, workshops, consulting and keynotes that elevate leadership performance and accountability. In addition, Daniel currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for EngenderHealth, an international NGO that improves the lives of women and their families by increasing access to, and improving the quality of, family planning services in under-served communities worldwide. Daniel previously has served as CFO and VP of Operations for Rainforest Alliance and as VP of Finance for American Cancer Society/Eastern Division. He has been board chair for several community-based organizations and currently volunteers for the Trevor Project conducting workshops on suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth. He has also held positions at AFS Intercultural Programs and World Wildlife Fund. Daniel holds a BS and MS in international affairs from Georgetown University, as well as a MA in Organization Development and a Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching from Fielding Graduate University.
Windfires: Leadership Engagement Strategies was launched in December 2010 by founder Daniel Doucette. The Windfires mission is to accelerate achievement of strategic and operational goals by elevating leadership performance to transforming heights. Through coaching, workshops and keynotes, Windfires’ principal Daniel Doucette helps make enhanced leadership effectiveness accessible.


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