Building a Digital Dodge City

This webinar provides a look at Dodge City’s community-wide digital inclusion initiative to understand the process of engaging multiple sectors throughout the process.


“What does digital inclusion mean for people in a community? All people, businesses, and institutions will have access to digital content and technologies that enable them to create and support health, prosperous, and cohesive 21st century communities.” (Building Digital Communities: Getting Started)

Building a digitally inclusive community requires buy-in and engagement from all sectors, with libraries playing a lead role alongside government, schools, businesses, and individuals. Using the principles and steps in Building Digital Communities: A Framework for Action, Dodge City, Kansas is engaging stakeholders, aligning interests, setting community-wide goals and developing demonstration projects. Join us for a conversation with the Dodge City leadership team discussing why they have prioritized a community-wide initiative, the challenges of working with multiple sectors (with diverging goals!), what they expect from the project and what they recommend to others considering a similar path.

Presented by:


  • Cathy Reeves, director, Dodge City Public Library
  • Jane Longmeyer, Public Relations manager, City of Dodge City
  • Greta Clark, professor, director of Multicultural Education, Dodge City Community College


Start time: 2:00 Eastern / 11:00 Pacific


Tweet: #wjwebinar


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