Collection Analysis Using Excel (NEFLIN)

Back by popular demand, Collection Development expert Tony Greiner (co-author of Analyzing Library Collection Use with Excel, ALA Editions, 2007) returns to NEFLIN to teach one of the most practical collection development courses you will take. In the course of the day, attendees will learn how to take raw circulation and bibliographic data from their ILS, clean it up, and then analyze the use of the collection to show which parts of the collection are heavily (or lightly) used, and to give guidance on how to improve the collection by using use data.  In this workshop you’ll learn how to:
  • Process raw data into usable informationUnderstand the varieties of possible analyses
  • Identify the most relevant types of analysis for your collection
  • Identify weaknesses and build on the strengths identified in your collection
  • Illustrate circulation data using charts and graphs

Librarians responsible for collection development in public, school, academic, and special libraries will learn why analyzing collection use is important and how they can analyze that use to better serve their patrons.

The hands-on class will be taught using Excel 2007 which is a definite improvement over Excel 2003. Librarians who do not have Excel 2007 at work will learn the concepts of Collection Analysis, and can use Greiner’s book Analyzing Library Collection Use with Excel to learn how to do an analysis with the older system. Handouts will also be available for both Excel 2007 and 2003.
Trainer: Tony Greiner, Portland (OR) Community College


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