Conversations Across the Invisible Yellow Line – Board and Staff Roles

If you’ve ever watched a football game on television, you’ve seen the yellow line that appears on the screen, showing the placement of the next down. We can see it, but those on the field cannot. It’s invisible to the players. The same is true in many board and staff relationships. There is a yellow line that defines who does what, but it is invisible. This fast paced webinar will share some of the basic on both sides of the yellow line and suggest ways to make it less ‘invisible’ to the players in a nonprofit.

-Clarification of basic board and staff roles in governance, financial management, human resources, resource development and more.
-Suggestions for effective ways to define roles of board and staff.

Jean Block has more than 45 years of experience in the nonprofit sector as both board and staff leader. She is now a nationally recognized consultant and trainer on nonprofit management, fundraising, social enterprise and board development. She has written two nonprofit resource books: Fast FUNdraising Facts for Fame & Fortune and The ABCs of Building Better Boards. Three more nonprofit resource books will be released in 2013.
Jean Block consulting, Inc. was formed in 1996 to allow Jean to share her considerable expertise in the nonprofit sector. Social Enterprise Ventures, LLC was formed in 2006 to focus on guiding nonprofits through the process to launch a social enterprise venture. The company now has nine senior consultant/trainers across the US.


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