Create a Story and Tell it Too: Engaging Supporters with Online Video

Video is the most powerful media tool for telling your organization’s story online. Your moving narrative and your complex issue can be communicated more clearly and with more impact using sight, sound and motion. The experts in fundraising and advocacy understand this, but how can any sized nonprofit benefit from these insights? This session combines a little art & science: namely the art of video storytelling with the science of using your org’s assets and existing channels to push your video stories to those who need to see them. Expect to see some great examples of nonprofit video, learn the fundamentals of translating your story to video, and review great new (and some old) tools for online video distribution.

Master the right language for:
-The 5 Fundamentals of Video Storytelling
-3 Nonprofits to watch who are using video to tell their story and win in their fundraising, issue awareness and advocacy efforts
-A roundup of the tools you need to make video campaigns succeed with the staff and resources you’ve already got!

Michael Hoffman is a leading authority in online video for nonprofits and a long-time consultant to nonprofit leaders on online fundraising, advocacy and community engagement strategies. He started his career as a political consultant and Washington-based nonprofit fundraiser before joining a venture investment firm to develop internet start-ups. Hoffman founded See3 to bring together his belief in the power of the web and his passion and experience with nonprofit fundraising, advocacy, and education. He is a frequent blogger and tweeter on nonprofit marketing and is a nationally sought-after speaker on topics such as online cause marketing, web video, and social media for social change.
See3 uses new media to activate people and advance social causes. We craft online strategies and campaigns aimed to meet your organization’s most important goals: fundraising, advocacy, awareness, recruitment. We believe online media and interactivity deepen relationships and make a difference for your issue.


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