Create Your 2013 Fundraising Plan: By Planning Ahead

Some say there are four steps to fundraising – plan, plan, plan, and work your plan. Unfortunately, some of us are so busy fundraising that we feel like we don’t have time to plan. But, in the long run, this only costs us more time (and money!).

In this webinar, you will start to win back some of your lost time by learning how to create a strategic fundraising plan for your organization. We will go over what to consider when creating your plan, the financial information you need to gather and analyze, how to develop your goals, what fundraising strategies will best meet those goals, and evaluation metrics for measuring your success.


A better understanding of the importance of having a development plan
The knowledge of how to create a plan for your organization
Excerpts from sample fundraising plans
A customizable worksheet for creating your fundraising plan

Funding Change founder Tina Cincotti is a fund development expert with a passion for social change. She gives grassroots groups the skills, tools, training, and confidence they need to raise more money while building stronger relationships with their supporters.

With 15 years experience, Tina specializes in fundraising assessments and evaluations; creating strategic development plans; writing solicitation appeals, newsletters, annual reports, and online content; improving donor relations and donor communications; coaching executive directors and staff new to development; and motivating boards to be more engaged in fundraising.

Funding Change is a one-woman shop owned and operated by Tina Cincotti.

Tina started consulting after seeing too many nonprofits excelling at their program work but struggling to raise the funds to pay for it. Or, raising huge sums from foundations with little income from individual donors – the largest and most reliable portion of money given away each year.

Knowing that small nonprofits can’t afford to pay the salary that veteran development professionals command, Tina wanted a more cost-effective approach.

Through consulting, Funding Change gives grassroots groups access to the same knowledge and the same successful fundraising techniques that many big charities can afford to have in-house. But without having to pay to have that expertise permanently on staff.

Funding Change specializes in working with small nonprofits and has a particular focus on assisting grassroots groups working for social change.

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