CrowdRise: Some Decent Fundraising Advice *Just in Time for Year-End*

The power of the crowd is real, friends giving to friends works and if you’re not getting your supporters involved in your fundraising, you’re probably missing an amazing opportunity.

CrowdRise is an online fundraising platform that leverages the most modern tools, game mechanics, incentives and promotions to turn your supporters into incredibly effective fundraisers. More importantly, we’re out to make fundraising insanely fun, or at least not terrible. Get a jump on year-end fundraising campaigns and join us to learn:

•A mess of ways for you to integrate fundraising into your existing charity programs
•The easiest ways to embrace CrowdRise contests
•Campaign ideas for year-end fundraising, online donor drives and challenges
•Show you a really awesome and new approach to the typical matching campaign

We’ll also talk about…

•What is CrowdRise and why do we pretend we matter?
•Tools that’ll help you embrace a more modern approach to fundraising
•How to turn your donors into fundraisers
•Some best practices for messaging

Allen Wolff currently serves as “Game Changer” at Crowdrise — a social charitable network co-founded by actor and philanthropist, Edward Norton. The goal at Crowdrise is to make giving back fun and addictive. Allen has been in the payments industry since 2005 when he co-founded PaySimple, a Software-as-a-Service solution to automate the collection of accounts receivables.

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