Customer Service at the Library – Cultivating Loyal Library Customers

This Customer-Centered program is recommended for any staff member who interacts with customers (patrons) on a regular basis. It deals specifically with Attitudes, Behaviors and Connections that help promote customer loyalty and greater library usage. It is an extremely interactive workshop, presented in a manner that makes the session an enjoyable and valuable learning experience. The impact of the program will be reflected in improved employee job satisfaction and greater effectiveness with customers and coworkers.

Workshop Topics include:

-Why People Stop Coming Back
-How Customers Evaluate Service
-Healthy Attitudes vs Deadly Attitudes
-The Impact of Words- Words to Use vs Words to Lose
-The Power of a Smile
-The Value of Thank You
-Customer MAGIC (Making a Good Impression Counts)


1.Build awareness of customer needs and wants, and the criteria by which they evaluate service at the library.
2.Offer tools and techniques for improving effectiveness with library customers and building customer loyalty.
3.Provide practice in the use of tools and techniques that support and enrich a customer-centered library culture.

Steve Wishnack is the founder of Think & Do,,

Education and training have been at the heart of Steve’s professional career.
Among Steve’s clients are the U.S Postal Service, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, The Marriott Corporation, Fidelity Investments, as well as Municipalities, Municipal Associations, Libraries and Library Associations nationwide.

Today, Steve’s energies are devoted to delivering Think & Do Customer Service Workshops, Webinars, and other Online training offerings which help cultivate customer loyalty and improve employee effectiveness with customers.


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