Data Gets Grants

To receive grant funding, it is necessary to submit a proposal that identifies and successfully documents a dire need. The need has to be compelling enough to pull at the heartstrings and substantial enough to satisfy the intellect. It is also crucial to measure the need (yes, it isn’t just important to measure outcomes!) so that the problem is articulately described and so that realistic, quantifiable objectives are created.

-How to determine which data to gather
-Simple processes to follow to locate data
-Where to start when seeking data online
-What to do if numbers terrify you or put you to sleep
-How to measure local need

Mark Goldstein, CFRE, is President and CEO of Communication Mark consulting in Arden, NC. Mr. Goldstein is most sought after as an expert proposal writer and project strategist. He is the creator of the Open Communication Fundraising Model, a system that enables all nonprofit agency stakeholders to effectively work together toward organizational and fundraising goals. Mr. Goldstein has consistently served nonprofits as a staff member, board member or consultant since 1991. He has raised millions for his clients and employers by obtaining grants for organizations of all types, sizes and locales. He is a board member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Western North Carolina Chapter and has provided training sessions through the Duke University Continuing Studies Nonprofit Management program, Philanthropy Journal, National Nonprofit Resource Directory and other venues.
Communication Mark provides fundraising and organizational development services for nonprofits, particularly in the area of grant proposal writing. Our work is guided by an innovative system that has proven success with all sizes of organizations and all types of causes. Communication Mark’s mission is to promote stewardship, growth and service through communication. As such, we work with clients to devise and implement enduring solutions to fundraising obstacles.


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