Discovery, Discussion, and Demonstration (Online)

This session provides a framework for technology integration in schools. While participants will learn about a number of free tools, the focus is really on the purposes of using technology schools.

3D Outline
Discovery – Give students a research topic and they almost automatically turn to Google. In this section we’ll explore some advanced Google search options. We’ll also take a look at some search tools not named Google. Finally, we’ll discuss re-use and citation of materials found on the web.

Discussion – One of the great features of the modern Internet is the ease with which we can host and archive discussions. In this section we’ll look at using blogs, wikis, and private-label message board systems (like Ning) for sharing our discoveries and building upon them through discussions with colleagues and or students.

Demonstration – In the past, more times than not, demonstration of learning was limited to the physical parameters of a classroom. Today’s modern web allows students to create a wide variety of products to demonstrate their knowledge. Likewise, sharing those products with a wider audience has become easier than ever before. In this section we’ll look at tools for creating multimedia ebooks, videos, and podcasts. We’ll then look at platforms for sharing those products with a wider audience and the benefits of sharing.

Richard Byrne
A thought leader sharing free technology for teaching

Dr. Greg Williams
Director and Clinical Associate Professor of Instructional Systems Development Graduate Programs, UMBC

COST: Complimentary


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