Diversity Awareness for Effective Nonprofits

Today’s workforce and organizations are increasingly diverse. Effective non-profits need to be capable of welcoming, including, utilizing and working with diverse people, perspectives, styles, and experiences for overall success and capacity.

This presentation offers practical tools and concepts designed to resolve tensions, utilize strengths, support collaboration, and create more welcoming environments.

-How having an inclusive enough model of diversity is crucial
-How role awareness helps integrate diverse people, views, styles, and experiences
-How the roles of mainstream, minority, and marginal are important, apparently here to stay, and need to be related with each other
-How outer representation of diversity is often not enough without the inner diversity awareness and relationship skills
-How effective non-profits benefit from being inclusive and welcoming

Bill Say, M.A. has over twenty years experience with diversity awareness training, community capacity building, group facilitation, and mental health counseling and training. His organizational consulting experience is with health, mental health, and educational organizations in the US and abroad including with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, UN refugee health organizations in the Middle East (UNRWA), Independent Thought and Social Action in India, New Energy in China, and the Highlander Research and Education Center in TN.

Bill’s successful trainings have included two year, six month, weekend, and daylong training groups that focused upon diversity issues, relationship and team building, conflict resolution skills, leadership development, and participation in decision-making and governance.

He has facilitated diverse groups facing issues ranging from racial tensions, decision making power, sexism, community and cultural traumas, AIDS, economic distress, socio-economic class, ageism, to relationship issues and conflicts.

He has successfully facilitated diversity and conflict facilitation and trainings to various organizations; small and large groups of board and staff in sensitive explorations of marginalization; work with groups of seniors with diverse consciousness states and conflict; a large consortium of domestic violence, mental health, legal services, and veteran groups in their burgeoning partnership; a city open forum on youth issues with youth activists, rap artists, police, re-entry strategists, city Mayor, and school principals and teachers; a large group of mental health experts exploring post earthquake trauma issues in China; and subtle connection and communication training to family members and medical staff serving patients in minimally communicative, comatose, and persistent vegetative states.

For Process Work Consulting Bill Say has certification in the Process Work approach to organizational development and change management. He is a former faculty member of JFK and Naropa Universities, and San Francisco director of Deep Democracy Institute. He directs the Community Healing & Leadership Training and Process Work Consulting


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