Intellectual Freedom Reimagined

Intellectual Freedom and Social Justice with Alison Macrina

Conversations about intellectual freedom often center around familiar topics like privacy, censorship, and free speech. But how do these issues relate to the power structures that underlie our world? Alison Macrina, founder and director of the Library Freedom Project, will discuss whose speech is actually being suppressed (hint: it’s usually not those who are loudest!) and how we can begin to reframe conversations about intellectual freedom.

Alison Macrina is a librarian, internet activist, and founder and director of Library Freedom project. Alison is passionate about fighting surveillance and connecting privacy issues to other struggles for justice and an analysis of power.

The Intersection of Racial Justice and Intellectual Freedom in Libraries: 
Moving From Performative to Transformative Action with Sabine Dantus

Can support of intellectual freedom spark racial justice? Can performative support of anti-racism books spark racial justice? Decolonizing bookshelves has been a clarion call this past year since the rise of anti-racism book lists after George Floyd’s death. Libraries are usually deemed neutral entities. In an era of canceled culture, book censorship, and book banning: what is the libraries’ role in developing an open forum for intellectual freedom and racial justice? Let’s discuss what libraries and librarians can do to sustain transformative practices in equity, diversity, and inclusion, including a scan of what libraries across the United States and internationally are doing to advance racial equity and intellectual freedom.

Sabine Dantus as an outreach librarian at the Lynn University Library, Sabine promotes the library as the campus community’s intellectual center through programming & events, research help, exhibitions, outreach & marketing, & publications. Currently, she is an adjunct professor at Lynn University’s College of Communication and Design and is one of the primary faculty advisors for the student newspaper iPulse. Sabine is writing her first book on empathy-based library marketing and communications and how to be equitable and inclusive in libraries with ALA-ACRL. Representing Lynn University, she sits on the board of directors for the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County and serves on the Advisory, Hospitality, and Love of Literacy Luncheon committees. She is actively involved in ACRL and is the communications manager for ACRL’s Education and Behavioral Sciences Section (EBSS). Follow Sabine on Twitter @SabineDantus.

Neutrality and Free Speech: Who Wins? with TJ Lamanna

In this presentation we’ll be going over the topics of both neutrality in libraries as well as libraries as free speech advocates. We’ll discuss the conflicts and connections between the two seemingly opposing view points. The goal is to contextualize how neutrality and free speech must be balanced in the library as well as the difficult and harm that can be caused by confusing the two.

T.J. Lamanna is a proud member of Library Freedom Project. He has over 10 years experience in libraries and focuses on issues dealing with privacy, accessibility, and neutrality. T.J. spends most of his time either working in a library or working for libraries. From ALA to state associations and advocacy groups, he’s dedicated his time and energy into advocating and empowering both libraries and library workers