Empowered Conversations: Moving from Debate and Discussion to Dialogue

Conversation is the DNA of organizational culture…and its transformation. We will look at an adapted version of a Dr. David Bohm’s model of dialogue and apply it to the evaluation and transformation of the organizational culture of a not-for-profit.


-A pragmatic model of the pathways of conversations.
-Specific conversational tools to move from debate and discussion to a co-creative dialogue.
-Examples of using those dialogue to facilitate NGO transformation.

Gilbert Brenson-Lazan is a social psychologist, psychotherapist, facilitator, coach and educator. He has been a pioneer in Latin America in transactional analysis, brief systemic therapy, organizational facilitation, transcultural communications, stress management and disaster and crisis intervention. He is the author of twenty-nine books and is Founder and Managing Partner of Amauta Internacional, LLC, organization dedicated to optimizing the efficacy of processes of organizational transformation, with offices in Bogotá, Colombia and West Hartford, CT., USA. He is currently dedicated to executive team coaching and mentoring, OD Consulting and writing.

He was a founding member of the Change Facilitation Associates Network, an Associate Director for Latin America and the Caribbean for the Global Leadership Alliance, Co-Founder and Past President of the Global Facilitator Service Corps and International Vice-Chair of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). He has done ninety-seven presentations and workshops in national and international conferences since 1974.

Whether your organization is seeking to meet a particular challenge, initiate a change process or improve its general ability to continually learn and improve, your own people are your key resource to facilitate the process, we at Amauta International, LLC can help you to help them unlock their potential.

We train and mentor facilitators, leaders and executive teams that want to create and support the processes with which groups, organizations and communities can define and achieve their goals and realize their dreams. Group mentorship, as we have developed it, is an ongoing, facilitative accompaniment of an organizational or community team that wants to increase its effectiveness through a dynamic and integral process of group, personal and professional development. We creatively combine the most effective methods of face-to-face group mentoring and facilitation, with the most modern technologies of Internet, intranet and virtual online mentoring.

We have ample experience with many different organizational and ethnic cultures and appreciate the uniqueness of every client, approaching each one’s needs with a systemic and holistic perspective, backed by expertise in facilitation of organizational and community development and change. Our facilitators are accredited by and/or members of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and are active in its global leadership.

Amauta International can help your organization or community to prepare its own leaders and internal facilitators with the necessary competencies for effective intervention in:

– change management
– team building,
– process restructuring,
– crisis intervention,
– organizational cultural transformation,
– community building,
– conflict resolution,
– transformational leadership,
– competency development.

Finally, we provide continuity through effective follow-up monitoring sessions and virtual support (virtual conferences, WBT, bibliographic support, e-lists, etc.). Our approach of training and mentoring your own in-house talent, is not only a more effective way to facilitate organizational transformation, but also much more economical than contracting outside trainers and facilitators. Let us show you how a program of facilitator mentorship can increase the productivity and success of your organization.

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