Fair Use Pt. 2: Creative Commons Licenses and Media Labeled for Reuse (SEFLIN)

The two-part Fair Use of Copyright Materials webinar series is geared toward school media specialists and youth services staff in public libraries.

Many digital content creators WANT you to reuse their media, which broadens your classroom opportunities far beyond Fair Use.  These licenses are particularly important for online publication where copyrighted materials cannot be utilized since they may impact the owner’s rights.  This webinar will explore music, images, and other media that your students may use more freely in their own content creation.

This 60-minute webinar will be delivered via Adobe Connect. Log-in information will be emailed approximately one week before the course.

Presented by: Michelle Cates
Michelle’s school library programs strive to invigorate research and literature through digital technology, games, acting, and excitement… an engaging dynamic derived from sixteen years’ experience, a master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction, as well as master’s in Library Science.

With Common Core, our library profession is changing; these new standards epitomize the programming we librarians have advocated for years, providing an exciting opportunity for leadership and patron services unparalleled in our careers.

National Board Certified, twice-winner of the Florida Power-Library School Award and recipient of the 21st Century Library Media Specialist certification, Michelle presents webinars and workshops for librarians through which we will define our role in Common Core and the future of education.

Staff from Florida libraries may register for this workshop at no charge. Priority will be given to SEFLIN members. Non-members will be placed on a waiting list and added as space permits after the registration deadline.

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