FEL Friday – Ask a Librarian: Myths, Misconceptions, and Mind Blowers

Join other Florida Electronic Library (FEL) users online for a chance to learn some tips and tricks. Each month we’ll focus on a different topic, database, or service.

Ask a Librarian (AAL) is one of the most well-known services of the Florida Electronic Library. In the 10 years Florida libraries have been collaborating to provide virtual reference to their patrons, the service has changed. Do you know about all these changes?

Jessica Riggins, AAL Member Service Coordinator, and Stephanie Race, FEL Program Manager, will discuss common myths and misconceptions about the Ask a Librarian service. They’ll also share some mind-blowing information about how easy it is to make the AAL service available in your community.

Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and share their AAL success stories.

For more information, contact Stephanie Race, FEL Program Manager, at stephanie.race@dos.myflorida.com or 850.245.6633.

Event number: 640 538 434


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