Finding the Storyteller in You (Orange Park) (NEFLIN)

A day long workshop to:
  • Develop skill in telling stories
  • Explore the legacy of memories
  • Gain confidence in speaking
  • Connect with your listeners
During the workshop you will:
  • Practice deep listening skills
  • Discover your innate capacity as a storyteller
  • Draw on personal and cultural images and memories in shaping narrative
  • Learn how to ‘embody’ your stories
  • Cultivate and enjoy the bond that forms between teller and listener

As a teacher, Connie Regan-Blake invites deep listening and telling on many levels. Her approach is welcoming, powerful and fun; and her teachings can be useful in the corporate world, with family and friends or on stage. Together, we will create an encouraging, playful and appreciative community as we learn through oral exercises and story-partnering. Join us in a celebration of stories and creativity.

Trainer: Connie Regan-Blake, Storyteller


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