Five Keys to Winning RFPs

If winning business for your company requires answering RFPs, you need to understand the difference between answering the document and winning the deal.

In this high-energy webcast, you will be introduced to five of the keys that companies who win RFPs use to nab a disproportionate amount of the RFP business in their marketplace.

What You Will Learn
•Developing a strategy focused on the triggers of each potential reader
•Differentiating their company even though there is a rigid response format
•Identifying the tell-tale signs of a “rigged” RFP to avoid wasting time on no-win scenarios
•Tricks to getting the most out of the RFP format to ensure your company is a finalist

Tom Searcy has established himself as the foremost expert in large account sales. As an author, speaker, consultant and Founder of Hunt Big Sales, Searcy has helped his clients generate business in excess of $5 Billion. His process is documented in his books, Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company and RFPs Suck! How to Master the RFP System Once and for All to Win Big Business. He writes online weekly columns for Forbes, Inc., and CBS’ MoneyWatch, which have a combined monthly readership of 38 million.


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