Flickr and Photo Sites (Orange Park) (NEFLIN)

Thursday, October 13, 1:00 – 4:00 pm at NEFLIN in Orange Park

Smartphone cameras will have overtaken “feature cameras” some time in 2011. Is your library ready to have your staff and user base (with their ubiquitous cameras) create the library’s visual history? This session will look at some of the basic considerations for libraries in using Flickr (the “king” of photosharing sites) and any of its competitors effectively, including covering:

  • Policies
  • Copyright and Creative Commons
  • User contributions
  • Pricing
  • Blogging and badges

Photosharing basics will also be covered using Flickr examples, including:

  • How to upload, edit, and share images and video
  • Adding titles, descriptions, and captions
  • Posting photos from Flickr to a blog
  • Organizing images into sets, collections, galleries
  • Interacting with the Flickr library community
  • Creative ways libraries have used photosharing sites
  • Flickr mashups, and more

Trainer: Dawn Jensen, Virtual Options


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