Freedom Rings in Philadelphia: community technology adoption

Thursday, October 25, 2012 ♦ 2 pm Eastern / 11 am Pacific 60 min

The Freedom Rings Partnership is a digital inclusion initiative funded by Federal stimulus monies. We are bringing Internet access, computer assistance and digital opportunities to Philadelphians with the least access to broadband. Comprised of a coalition of grassroots organizations, government, and universities, we proudly count People’s Emergency Center and the Free Library of Philadelphia as Managing Partners in this city-wide effort. Extending beyond the library and traditional organizational walls, our public-computing centers—KEYSPOTS—are located in community organizations that have the trust of their constituents; technology access is a complimentary asset to their diverse missions. Learn how to develop sustainable partnerships and adapt this model to meet your community technology adoption needs.


Presented by: Jennifer Donsky, Public Services Technology Library Coordinator, The Free Library of Philadelphia; and Lorelei Shingledecker, Program Manager, Broadband Technology Opportunities Program at People’s Emergency Center

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