Getting There Together: Assessing Student Learning (Online) (NEFLIN)

Join us as we explore the possibilities for formative and summative assessment of student learning in collaboratively driven instruction between teachers and school librarians for supporting student achievement.  We will explore how assessment is an integral part of the learning experience and essential for reflection and student metacognition.   Participants will learn about the concept of data-driven collaboration as well as qualitative and quantitative options for assessing student learning.  In addition, we’ll explore how to engage students in the assessment process.   After this program, you will be able to:

  • Identify strategies for data driven collaboration
  • Identify strategies and tools for formative and summative assessment
  • Choose quantitative and qualitative tools and strategies for assessment.
  • Construct and share your own best practices for assessing student learning

Virtual Trainer: Buffy Hamilton, media specialist/teacher-librarian, Creekview High School, Canton, GA and blogger at: and ALA Learning


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