Google Indoor Maps for Public Libraries (FLA)

Time:    1:00  – 1:45 pm EST

In November 2011, Google launched Indoor Maps, an exciting addition to the award-winning Google Maps. Indoor Google Maps will enhance your building’s overhead or satellite view by replacing that with a floor plan of your building’s public areas. This innovation helps visitors find their destination in large or unfamiliar spaces. The process to get involved is simple and unobtrusive. As Indoor Maps is a relatively new feature of Google Maps, your floor plans will be dramatically featured to mobile users of Google Maps at no cost.

This webinar covers a comprehensive review of Indoor Google Maps and explains why libraries are participating. Attendees have the opportunity to learn about an innovative step in digital mapping and ask in-depth questions following the presentation.

Topics covered:

  • What Can Indoor Google Maps Do For You?
  • Project Basics
    • Creating Indoor Google Maps
    • Keys To A Good Map/Uploading
    • Public Vs. Private Areas
    • Maintaining Maps
    • How To Get My Location On Your Maps
    • Once You Are Live…
    • Product Roadmap
  • Examples
  • Questions

Learn more:

Presented by:   Vani Patel, Business Development Specialist, Google Maps

Cost:      Free and open to all Florida library staff

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