High-Impact Communication Skills

Nearly all work involves interaction with others and communication of some sort. Clear, persuasive communication—between individuals, within teams, among departments—is a vital part of any successful organization.

This training offers valuable insights anyone can use to enhance their communication style while earning the respect and cooperation of others.

As a result of this training, participants will have the confidence to voice their ideas and suggestions… be better able to represent the team, department, or organization during external or internal functions… complete projects quickly, with fewer hassles and less stress. Your entire organization will operate more seamlessly, as people put their new communication skills and strategies into action.

This course provides hard-skills training in how to:
•Use the techniques of influence and persuasion to build productive and rewarding relationships with all kinds of people
•Control your emotions and stay composed and effective while under pressure
•Overcome fears of public speaking, and voice your thoughts and opinions readily
•Handle high-stakes situations, mistakes, and crises with confidence

As a result, people will talk to each other more, and about each other less. They’ll be more willing to collaborate and work together as a team when communication is clear and direct.
Anyone, regardless of title, responsibilities or length of service, will see an increase in communication skills after this training.

-Key Learning Points
-Performance improvements you can expect
-26 skills and insights to help you communicate powerfully

As a Personal Growth Advisor, Ana has dedicated her life to the excitement and wonder of self-discovery and awareness. She provides attendees with an exciting day of training, as her energy gradually increases throughout the day. Ana conducts her sessions with inspiration and personal attention to all attendees unique attributes. Ana’s eagerness to learn fosters an electric environment tailored to attendees’ particular industries or individual questions.

Capitalizing on the fact that knowledge is power, Ana explores how her material can put each individual on the career path they seek, while instilling a thirst for information. Using humor, positive interaction, and a passionate style, Ana knows attendees genuinely retain the information necessary to resolve challenges and promote a knowledgeable future.

Training topics Ana specializes in include grammar and writing, management skills, communication and planning, public speaking, and many more.

In addition to being a fluent Spanish speaker, Ana has lent her expertise to many different industries, including marketing, public relations, and owning her own retail business.


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