How to Conduct Resume and Interviewing Workshops at Your Library (SEFLIN)

If you asked the people in your community what comes to mind when they think of your library, many might say “a resource for our community.”

What better resource could you be than for those who have recently (or not so recently) been laid off?

Laid off – those dreaded words. Those of us who are employed can only imagine the fear and frustration that must face those who have lost their jobs in recent months. But what can we do? Most of us don’t have jobs available for them even if they have a perfect resume.

In How to Conduct Resume and Interviewing Workshops at Your Library, our focus will center on giving our patrons the tools they need to find a job. We’ll discuss how to conduct actual workshops at our libraries to teach our patrons the essential elements of effective resumes, as well as how to conduct workshops to help them prepare for that all-important job interview.

To make your life a bit easier, as a bonus you’ll receive actual handouts you can use in your resume and interviewing workshops.

We’ll also brainstorm together to come up with ways we can partner with others in our communities to make sure we are providing job-seekers with every available tool to aid them in their search.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find new ways to “be all we can be” to our communities!

Presented by: Linda Bruno

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