How to Govern Adaptive Work Systems: The Power of Strengths in Relationships

If the opportunities and challenges faced by your non-profit require increasing flexibility and responsiveness then this webinar may be for you.

Wherever people work together, they make choices that influence the flexibility and responsiveness of your organization. In other words, they govern each other. How they govern their use of resources is not just luck, it can be “designed”.

This interactive webinar will explore how to create capacity for flexibility and responsiveness by systematically building relationships that are strength based.


What is an adaptive work system and why are they essential for non-profits
What is “work system governance” and what does it have to do with adaptive work systems
What do Strengths in Relationships have to do with governance and adaptive work systems?
How do you make this work?

Bernard Mohr is cofounder of Innovation Partners International, a professional services firm helping organizations, networks and alliances deal with ever increasing complexity and the demands for accelerated change. As a designer, action researcher and thinking partner, Bernard supports clients within healthcare, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, education and government in creating more flexible and effective work systems. Recent books include Essentials of Appreciative Inquiry: A Roadmap for Creating Positive Futures (Pegasus Communications, 2002); The Appreciative Inquiry Summit, (Berrett-Koehler, 2003); and Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination, Pfeiffer 2011). His approach to organizational innovation draws on Design Thinking, Complexity Science and the Applied Behavioral Sciences.

Innovation Partners International expands your ability to create economic and social prosperity…. both now and within a shifting world. We co-create work systems that work well, are highly adaptive and are good to live in.

We achieve better results faster because our work engages relevant stakeholders in the design and innovation process , our work is strength based and it is integrated – addressing the IT, service delivery and space domains of your enterprise.

Neil Samuels’ twenty-three years of consulting and coaching experience span six continents and organizations ranging from Cruise Lines, Architecture, R&D, and Oil Exploration, to the US Geological Survey, the Illinois Counseling Association, and the Naperville School District. His work builds on a foundation of strengths and Appreciative Inquiry to engage entire organizations in fundamentally changing their conversations to bring about lasting change. He has worked successfully with leaders at all levels and is a respected coach, mentor, and innovative thinker. Neil has demonstrated value in helping senior leaders navigate complex, large-scale change.

Neil has an advanced degree in organization development from Pepperdine University where he served as adjunct faculty in the Graziadio School of Business and Management. He has published in the US and UK in The OD Practitioner, Managing Schools Today, and the AI Practitioner, and has presented his work at The Academy of Management and The International Conference on Appreciative Inquiry. Neil co-authored a book published in 2009 titled; ‘Brilliant: The Heathside Story: A Case Study of Whole System Transformation using Appreciative Inquiry in a School.”

Clients often say that what makes Profound Conversations, Inc. unique is the conversations we engage them in, the questions we pose, and the way we lead and facilitate inquiry – which in turn leads to significantly different, positive, and energizing outcomes.

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