Improving the Performance of Government Employees

Motivate Your Employees to Achieve Tangible Results
Getting the most out of employees in government offices is one of the legendary challenges. With an emphasis, it seems, on protocols and processes rather than on results, government offices have often been regarded as bastions of mediocrity, havens for substandard performers, and places where rule number one is cover your…self.

Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to help recruit, train, retain, motivate, and reward excellent employees, along with holding them accountable for their department’s successes and failures.

What You Will Learn
Based upon the presenter’s 37 years as an employee, supervisor, senior executive, author, teacher and consultant to government, this presentation will show:
•How to set up an integrated system of performance management
•How to write effective performance standards
•How to effectively track, display and share performance information
•How and when to give feedback
•How to deal with poor performers and reward outstanding ones
•How to establish a performance-driven culture

Stewart Liff is a recognized consultant, speaker and teacher, and author of five books, including Managing Government Employees, The Complete Guide to Hiring and Firing Government Employees and Improving the Performance of Government Employees. Liff’s work has been featured in Government Executive Magazine, VA’s Vanguard Magazine and ASTD’s Public Manager. He also writes a regular column at entitled Stewart Liff on Organizational Excellence. For more information, visit:

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