SWFLN Inbound Marketing: The Latest Techniques to Attract More Donors and Volunteers

Nonprofits’ efforts to find supporters are rapidly being supplanted by the need for supporters to easily find you. Learn about specific, low-cost marketing and fundraising techniques that will drive more traffic to you online, and increase your “conversion rate” so more of them become donors, event attendees, and other supporters. We’ll examine how to implement inbound marketing by combining techniques like search engine optimization, pay-per-click, blogs, articles, websites, landing pages, calls to action, links, social media, and more to promote and leverage your content, boost online traffic, generate leads, and convert those leads into supporters. We’ll also discuss how to easily measure results to validate that your fundraising programs are working.

-Build/maintain an interactive website designed to convert visitors to leads
-Drive online traffic to your website and social media
-Maximize the likelihood prospects can find you
-Keep traffic on your site with lots of functionality (i.e., “stickiness”)
-Convert leads into donations and other forms of support (i.e., “conversion”)
-Track results

Allan Pressel is founder/CEO of PowerSite123 (formerly CharityFinders), which helps nonprofits and for-profits create world-class websites, social media, and online marketing to further their mission. PowerSite123’s unique technology enables any organization to have its own powerful website quickly, affordably, and with no technical skills required.

Allan has done thousands of presentations for the nonprofit and business community worldwide, almost always to rave reviews. Allan has been designated as one of the world’s leading e-philanthropy speakers. Allan is the co-author of Internet Management for Nonprofits. He was given the Volunteer Service Award by President George W. Bush.

Previously, Allan was co-founder of i-Cube, which had a highly successful IPO, and was later acquired by Razorfish. i-Cube helped large corporations through software/web development.

Prior to founding i-Cube, Allan was a technology strategy consultant at Arthur Anderson and First Consulting Group. Allan holds an M.B.A from UCLA, and is an All-American springboard diver.

Powersite123 helps small- to mid-sized organizations create beautiful, interactive websites integrated with marketing programs to:
– Help drive traffic
– Convert leads
– Generate revenue

Now you can have access to powerful functionality, such as the ability to collect funds securely within your site (not on a 3rd party site!), build a database of constituents, facilitate search engine optimization, sell products, register people for events, and manage your own content. By providing your constituents with lots to see and lots to do, your website and marketing can make you money, not just cost money.


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