Kiss Your BUT Good-Bye to Achieve Professional and Personal Success

Lessons in Moving Beyond What Stands Between You and Career Advancement

Joe and Bob Azelby are seasoned business executives who believe that a career stalls because an individual lacks a certain skill or has a behavior that makes them a less qualified candidate.

We all have weaknesses, which the Azelby brothers refer to as “BUTs.” For example:

•Bill is a hard worker BUT he can’t influence people
•Larry is a great producer BUT he is a lousy manager
•Samantha is good at tasks BUT is not a strategic thinker.
Most people do not have any idea how their BUTs are inhibiting their career advancement because their colleagues and even their managers are unwilling to provide much needed candid feedback.

The bottom line is that most of us carry around our BUTs for years and never know that this is the reason our careers are not advancing.

What You Will Learn
The Azelby brothers understand how difficult it is to identify, acknowledge and manage your own BUTs, however, they know this is the key to career advancement.
This webcast will help you identify your BUTs and provide the tools necessary to shrink them. In addition, they’ll explore the importance of strong managers and demonstrate how a manager’s BUT can have a negative impact on his or her team.

Bob Azelby is the vice president and general manager of the oncology unit of a large West Coast biotechnology firm, responsible for more than $5 billion in annual revenue. He also served as vice president of that firm’s U.S. Oncology Sales Team, overseeing more than 500 representatives. He received his undergraduate degrees in economics and religious studies from the University of Virginia and his MBA from Harvard University. He is coauthor of the book Kiss Your BUT Goodbye.

Joe Azelby is the managing director and CEO of the Global Real Assets Group of a large financial firm, leading a team of more than 400 investment professionals. A graduate of Harvard University, he earned an MBA in finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business. While at Harvard, he was the captain of the football team and then went on to play professionally with the Buffalo Bills. He is coauthor of the book Kiss Your BUT Goodbye.


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