Leader as Coach: Create a Culture of Development — Shape People-Positive Outcomes

A Series of Three Webinars presented by Lauren Burnett, President of the Center for Inner Quality

Harnessing people’s energy and effort is vital in today’s context of constant change. Our approach to others sets the tone for our organization as we lead by example. In turn, our employees, modeling our behavior and carrying the tone of our leadership, respond daily to co workers and customers and create a culture people want to or not want to work and “play” in.

The instructor for the series is Lauren Burnett, President of the Center for Inner Quality. She provides professional development opportunities that increase the effectiveness, empowerment and emotional intelligence of people in the workplace.

For maximum benefit, we encourage participation in all three live Webinar sessions, as content in each Webinar builds upon the previous session(s). In addition, the presenter may assign homework (and provide feedback) between sessions. However, if you know in advance that you cannot make it to a particular session, please go ahead and register for it. Your registration will entitle you to view the recording of the session you missed — you will receive a link to the recording via email. Please view the recording prior to attending the next session.

Session descriptions, dates & registration:

Webinar # 1: Defining Culture of Development

Define Culture of Development and content of series and Leader as Coach.

Using coaching language in everyday conversation. Make note of your choice of words and accompanying non verbal communication that send a message.

What messages are you sending? How often do you question why people take your message differently than you intended? Explore words that are accountable and engage collaboration.


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