Leaving Fort Ref: Frontiers of Embedded Librarianship

This webinar explores new approaches to reference that embed the librarian in the community, answering questions at the point of need, and growing community connections.

At the innovative Douglas County (Colo.) Libraries, librarians don’t just wait for the questions to come to them. They leave the building and embed the public library in the community. Through a series of projects and experiments, the Douglas County librarians have explored a new dimension of modern reference service, one that places their expertise at points of need to respond to the questions the public didn’t take to the library. By helping to define and answer questions in context, the embedded librarians add value to their community.

Presented by: Jamie LaRue, director, Coble Galston, business librarian and Amy Long, Parker library manager, Douglas County Libraries (CO)

Start time: 1:00 Eastern / 10:00 Pacific [Note: 90 Minute session]

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Questions to consider:

Can you name three community LEADERS that are really doing something in your community?

  • Can you name three ORGANIZATIONS that are doing significant work in your community?
  • Can you name three ISSUES that will be critical focuses for your community in the next 18-24 months?

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