Libraries are Essential: Providing Core Services for Readers (Online)

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Libraries are often a community hub, the place where everyone is welcome and where everyone can not only find the information they need, but also seek solace and support. In short, libraries are an essential part of any thriving community. In this webcast on the essentialness of libraries, Robin Nesbit, Sharron Smith, and Duncan Smith explore the value of readers’ services and best practices for conveying that value to the community.
Providing Core Services for Readers is first in the three part Libraries are Essential series of webcasts.

Featured Speakers
• Robin Nesbit, Director of Technical Services, Columbus Metropolitan Library in Ohio
• Sharron Smith, Manager of Readers’ Advisory Services, Kitchner Public Library in Kitchner, Ontario
• Duncan Smith, founder and Vice President, NoveList

Moderator: Cheryl LaGuardia, Research Librarian, Harvard University, Cambridge; author of the e-Views Blog and e-Reviews columns for Library Journal and Editor of Bowkers’ Magazines for Libraries.

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