Library Services Reimagined

Book Takeout and User-Focused Delivery

In this presentation Ned Potter will discuss the University of York’s Book Takeaway Service, launched during the pandemic to deliver material to users in new ways. We’ll talk about the closer role between Marketing and the teams developing the service, and the extreme focus on the User Experience that made the library a center for the community during lockdown and beyond.

Ned Potter is an Academic Liaison Librarian at the University of York, and a Trainer for various organizations including the Bodleian and the British Library in the UK, PiCS in Australasia, and NEFLIN in the USA. His book The Library Marketing Toolkit was published by Neal Schumann in 2012. Ned leads the UX work at his own institution and has also co-organized the popular international conference, UXLibs, which focuses on ethnography in libraries. Ned can be found online at and on Twitter at @ned_potter.

You Can’t Predict The Future, But You Can Prepare For It

This talk will discuss flexibility as a foundation for project management, preparing for future challenges, and leadership in the library field. We will also consider the importance of realigning with the core values of our profession and connecting to our communities to ensure we focus our limited time and resources on manageable, meaningful goals. Services and the way we deliver them are changing very quickly and unpredictably, and while that can be a frightening prospect, some of these changes are long overdue. Change can also be a traumatic process and being clear-eyed and transparent about its negative impacts is fundamental to understanding its power!

Callan Bignoli is the director of the library at Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts. She gathers inspiration from everywhere to inform user-centered practices and push the profession forward. Callan studies and speaks about user experience design, library management, and social issues in technology, challenging students and colleagues to fight for a more just and human future.

A Tale of Two Libraries: Differing Reopening Strategies

The respective headquarters of Jacksonville Public Library and Union County Public Library are less than 60 miles apart. These two libraries had two very different approaches to reopening after COVID shut down the state of Florida. This two library panel will compare the experiences and future plans of these two systems. One is composed of 21 branches serving a large area encompassing urban and suburban neighborhoods. The other is a single-location system serving a more rural population in one of the smaller counties in the state.

Mary Brown started her career in youth services at the Union County Public Library in rural Lake Butler, Florida 28 years ago. A few years later she became the library’s director where she remains today. Brown has seen many changes and challenges throughout her time at the library and thrives on the constant evolution that the job entails. She believes in cross-training her staff, finding it beneficial for everyone to be prepared to wear many different hats as they provide top-notch service to the community.

Jackie Spiritas  is a region manager for the Jacksonville Public Library overseeing the operations at 4 branch libraries in Jacksonville, Florida. Jackie joined JPL almost 18 years ago after starting her career path in advertising doing in-house research for local companies. With the support of library leadership and NEFLIN’s many leadership institutes and courses, Jackie continues to enjoy this wonderful career and embraces the challenge of serving the growing and changing needs of the community. She uses her passion for management and leadership theory to help her staff connect with customers and give them the library experiences they expect and deserve.