Library Staff Day

Formerly known as Paraprofessional Day, Library Staff is an exciting, information-filled day, reaching out to all Library Staff, in a fun and interactive way.

Keynote Presentation by Dr. Bob Bitting:
If All Else Fails, Laugh

What’s so funny? Not much, apparently. The news out there depresses you. You fret too much. Your best friend is getting divorced. Budgets are tight. You’re afraid that you might be the next one to get “downsized”.

So, what should you do? What keeps you going in the face of all this bad news? A big part the answer is something that many of us often forget we have, and therefore often don’t use. You used it much more when you were younger and much less now that you’re older. And it’s one of your most effective weapons in handling the ups and downs of everyday life. It’s your ability to laugh at the absurd, acknowledge the incongruous, and appreciate the ridiculous. It’s your sense of HUMOR. It’s a uniquely human quality that can come to your rescue during difficult times.

This workshop examines some of the key elements of humor and it’s relationship to the change process. Practical applications to using humor in the workplace will be discussed, including managing conflict, motivating others, improving communications, increasing creativity, and reducing stress and increasing morale.

Four Presenters…
A Total of 8 sessions with a Keynote Presentation…
One GREAT day for Librarians!

Artistic Literacy(Session A) Incorporating Dramatic Play in your Library Programs
(Session B & C) Afternoon Tea, Steampunk Style

Dr. Bob Bitting(Session B) Working with Emotional Intelligence
(Session C) Actively Managing Conflict and Negativity in the Workplace

Linda Bruno(Session A) Find Your Bliss @ Work – Really?

Yolanda Cuesta(Session A) Customer Service in a Diverse & Multicultural Community, Part I
(Session B) Customer Service in a Diverse & Multicultural Community, Part II
(Session C) Serving Customers with Mental and Physical Challenges

After registering below, you will receive a link to the LSD Session Selection System TWO WEEKS BEFORE the scheduled date. The system will allow you to choose your prefered session in each of the 90-minute track segments.


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