Low and No Cost Customer Service Improvements (Online) (NEFLIN)

Wednesday, October 5, 1:00 – 2:00 pm on your DESKTOP

Customer service improvement is an area that every library should focus on.?There are many ways to improve upon customer service skills and everyone in the organization benefits when they provide great customer service. Customers are the core of what we do everyday, and as such should be the top priority. No customers, no library! That is why it is essential that we always strive to improve customer service. Why focus on customer service improvement? The benefits include customer loyalty, customer referrals, increased customer satisfaction and increased usage.? Employees who can provide good customer service will help to retain customers and grow the library. This webinar examines best practices and gives examples that are being utilized in 5 Key Areas of the Library: Impression, Interaction, Navigation, Information, and Promotion.

Virtual Trainer: Andrew Sanderbeck, People ~ Connect Institute


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