Making Mobile Marketing Work with Prospective Students

63% of teens text every day. 67% of 18-24 year olds have a smartphone. What if you could leverage this in your admissions campaigns to…

•Provide early insight into your yield
•Determine which admits were undecided and create a dialogue with them
•See campaign response rates nearing 50%
In this 60-minute webcast, Dana Simmons, Director of e-Marketing and Outreach at Westminster College, will share how an integrated mobile marketing strategy in admissions and university marketing has delivered these results and more on campus. Simmons will explore her most successful two-way text and voice marketing campaigns, tips for delivering mobile-enabled web and SMS content, some creative ways to engage with social media, and thoughts on building a mobile dialogue with prospective students.

Attend this webcast and take away fresh, results-oriented ideas to shape your incoming classes and increase yields

Dana received her BA from Brigham Young University and lives in Salt Lake City, UT with her family.


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