Managing Conflict with Confidence: Seven Skills You Didn’t Learn on the Playground (Gainesville) (NEFLIN)

Conflict happens! If your current approach to conflict is to run away as fast as you can, avoid the conflict for as long as you can or unleash your inner five-year old (did not! did too!), there is a better way.

Each of us has a choice about our responses to conflict – we can use the destructive behaviors we learned on the playground and escalate conflict or we can choose positive, constructive behaviors that enhance communication and ultimately strengthen our personal and professional relationships.

This interactive session will introduce essential conflict management skills and give attendees practical, positive ways to respond to and manage conflict with confidence.

Marci and Pam use customized and humorous audience interaction, personal stories and real-life examples to create an inspiring and memorable learning experience for attendees.  Following this presentation, participants will:

Increase confidence in using constructive conflict management behaviors

  • Identify hot buttons that are most likely to provoke conflict
  • Develop an action plan to improve their conflict management behaviors
  • Eliminate conflict behaviors that cause most problems

Trainer: Marci Moore and Pam Williams, Innergized


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