Managing Fundraisers; for the Non Fundraising Executive

Specifically designed for President’s, CEO’s, Executive Directors and others without a fundraising background.

This webinar will discuss the components of development planning, questions to ask, answers to expect, and potential red flags. Proper roles for executive leadership,ways to champion an increasingly effective office as well as techniques to bolster lesser results.

Your organization deserves the best fundraising department and personnel possible. Be it a one person shop or much larger, how that department is managed will determine their effectiveness and in turn the number of dollars raised.

5 ‘i’s of cultivation
4 components of a comprehensive development program and their purposes
Helpful ratio’s for judging effectiveness
Keys to hiring & retaining effective staff
Hints to engaging board members in the fundraising process
Effectively structuring your time with your fundraisers

Like many of us Gary Broussard “backed into the development field.”

Gary was asked to create a recruiting and admissions office for a private high school where he taught because he was “good with people.” Hard work paid off and they were successful and enrollment grew.

A new president joined the school and he asked if Gary could build a development office because Gary was “good with people.” Again, hard work paid off, they were very successful and before he knew it Gary was hooked and on his way to becoming a development professional.

One thing Gary has learned for sure; being “good with people” is about the least important attribute of an effective development professional.

Since those early days Gary has held leadership roles in nonprofits ranging from department head to directorships to the executive level. Including serving as Executive Directer of the Central Arizona College Foundation and as Vice President for Institutional Advancement at St. Gregory’s University – a wonderful Catholic university in Oklahoma and founded GPB Associates LLC in 2007.

GPB Associates LLC is a nonprofit consulting firm that is “in love” with major gifts. Leading edge major gift execution and training emphasizing learning by doing. Development audits, Board Training and Education, Capital Campaigns, Annual Fund Growth, Major Gift Programs, and Legacy Programs – all pointing to major gifts.
Founded in 2007, GPB Associates LLC of Tucson, Arizona is owned by Gary P. Broussard. We bring more than 30 years of hands on, non-profit experience in management and fundraising successes, and yes, even a few humbling experiences.


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