Maximize Your End of Year Fundraising

Did you know organizations can raise 40% of their individual donations in the month of December by maximizing their end-of-year appeals? In fact, the best time to make end of year appeals is in the last five days of December. Now is the time to make your plan for end of year fundraising. Find out how to make the most of your outreach with this webinar, presented by representatives from NTEN, Salsa Labs, and Charity Dynamics.

Join us for tips on maximizing your online and offline fundraising efforts in the coming months. We’ll share simple, direct, and powerful techniques to drive year end results. You’ll hear about the value of repetition when engaging with donors. We’ll discuss several ways to utilize email more effectively. And, we’ll make sure you leave the session with actionable items you can put in place right away.

You will learn:
• The best schedule for making your asks (yes, plural!)
• Ways to best optimize your donation pages
• How to leverage social media to drive growth
• Specific email campaign approaches to utilize at year end

To launch this event simply click on the link below.

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