Open Access Scholarly Publications: An Overview – ONLINE – SWFLN

Open access resources create access points for scholarly articles and other research materials offered free online.

Some scholarly resources that have traditionally been available as published print scholarly journals are now available online for free!

The success of the World Wide Web as a low cost way for scholars to share their work has also fueled the creation of many online only open access publications. Groups of scholars also work to create other shared collections of scholarly materials and research in open access depositories.

In this two hour online class, we will explore major aspects of open access, including collection types, document types, contribution of content, scholarly review and acceptance of open access titles and the use of open access tools for research and reference.

Learning Objectives:
After this class, students will be able to:

* Define open access scholarly publishing

* Identify the major players providing access to open access scholarly materials, including traditional publishers, universities and colleges, online only journals, government agencies and more

* Use open access materials for reference and research

* Understand peer review, quality control and other environmental factors effecting the acceptance of open access material

* Contribute to open access publications in the field of library and information science

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