Paraprofessional Series: Advocacy from the Front Lines (SEFLIN)

Promoting the value of your library on a daily basis is not just the responsibility of the library director and administration. Being on the front lines, you are in a position to advocate to patrons everyday!

This webinar explains how to look for, identify and deliver “advocacy messages” to your patrons. Additionally, we’ll list ways to include advocacy in every interaction with your patrons while continuing to give great customer service.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to promote the value of the materials and services you provide into your everyday interactions with customers
  • How to promote your value, as a library employee, to your customers without them even knowing it
  • How to promote the value and importance of the library to non-library users

This webinar will be delivered via SEFLIN Connect. Log-in information will be emailed approximately one week before the course.

Presented by: Andrew Sanderbeck

Registration deadline:  08/02/2012

Staff from Florida libraries may register for this workshop at no charge. Priority will be given to SEFLIN members. Non-members will be placed on a waiting list and added as space permits after the registration deadline.

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