Programming for Educational Success

Programs are an essential part of the library’s mission, join us and learn how to create fun and educational programs at your library.

Academic Library staff will be able to plan and implement programs for any age group or interest. This seminar will discuss effective presentation strategies and programming best practices that will assist with your presentations and informational training as well as more entertaining offerings.

Public Library staff will find this training beneficial because programming is a great way to get new patrons into your library and inform them of important library resources. This class is a great way to begin to tailor your programs to meet the educational goals of your community.

School Librarians and Media Specialists will leave this workshop with ideas for offering fun programs that support their school’s educational mission. We will also discuss methods for using programs to promote your library’s collection.

Special Librarians will learn tools necessary to establish programs in their libraries. We will discuss how to identify a target group, tailor advertisements, design programs for your target audience, and evaluate your successes.

Location: East County Regional Library – 881 Gunnery Road, Lehigh Acres, Florida 33971

Presenter: Artistic Literacy

Other Information:
Artistic Literacy is committed to teaching librarians to connect with their communities with innovative and exciting programming. Elizabeth McConney and Jennifer Parker both have a wealth of experience offering high-quality educational programs in their community.

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