Renew Yourself, Your Library and Your Career

As society and technology evolve in ways that can sometimes be startling, we may find ourselves occasionally wondering “What can *I* really do to make a real difference at work?”. In this session we’ll come together to learn and think about the role of the modern library and how you, regardless of the position you fill at your day job, can make substantial impacts you might not have felt empowered to before. Come for ideas, motivation and inspiration about your work and the work of libraries. Leave ready to affect more change and create more opportunity for yourself and your local community than you may have ever imagined possible.

Michael Porter is a librarian, presenter, author, practical technology fan, and PEZ collector. He has 20 years of experience working in Libraryland and has presented hundreds of times to library staff around the world. His writings regularly appear in major library journals around the world. In 2009 he was selected as a Library Journal “Mover & Shaker”, in 2010 was elected to the American Library Association’s governing Council and in 2011 was also elected to the ALA Executive Board. He previously worked with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, OCLC, WebJunction, and the Allen County Public Library. Michael currently serves as CEO of Library Renewal (, an organization dedicated to research, partnerships and grassroots support for libraries as they struggle to offer electronic content to their users in competitive ways. Read more from Michael at

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