Florida Libraries Online Conference Schedule (June 11, 2021) – Click on link to join session

10:00 AM ET / 9:00 AM CT: Welcome and Keynote

Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging with Shola Richards
It is no longer good enough to not be a racist, whether it’s inside or outside of the workplace. In order to create a culture of diversity, equity, and belonging it will require the willingness to actively work against racism in all of its forms. The highly-engaging keynote provides the audience with the key tools, strategies, and information necessary to engage in this important work, while also ensuring that the commitment to this work remains long after the keynote ends.

11:00 AM ET / 10:00 AM CT: Break

11:15 AM ET / 10:15 AM CT

Podcasting Your Library (Launch the Pods!) with Sarah Burris and Stephen Efird
Do you have dreams of starting a library podcast?  Here are some tips to get started with a low budget, and lessons learned along the way. BCPL Unstacked is hosted by Stephen Efird and Sarah Burris from the Northwest Regional Library System where they share literary news, what they are reading/watching, what’s happening in their library, as well as author interviews. Find out how to make Podcasting your Library work best for you! 
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Fact or Fake? Digital Forensics 101 with Dr. Kristen Mattson
Your gut says the information in front of you may not be 100% accurate, but how can you REALLY be sure? In this session, you will learn basic techniques to help you be a fact-checking rockstar. The great news is, these techniques can easily be taught to our students too! Join me for an hour of reverse image searches, keyframe analysis,  EXIF data, lateral reading and some good, old fashioned observation work. You’re guaranteed to walk away with at least one new trick up your sleeve.

Book Takeout and User-Focused Delivery with Ned Potter
In this presentation Ned Potter will discuss the University of York’s Book Takeaway Service, launched during the pandemic to deliver material to users in new ways. We’ll talk about the closer role between Marketing and the teams developing the service, and the extreme focus on the User Experience that made the library a center for the community during lockdown and beyond.

Intellectual Freedom and Social Justice with Alison Macrina
Conversations about intellectual freedom often center around familiar topics like privacy, censorship, and free speech. But how do these issues relate to the power structures that underlie our world? Alison Macrina, founder and director of the Library Freedom Project, will discuss whose speech is actually being suppressed (hint: it’s usually not those who are loudest!) and how we can begin to reframe conversations about intellectual freedom.

12:15 PM ET / 11:15 AM CT: Lunch

1:15 PM ET / 12:15 PM CT

Reimagining Library Programming with Katie LaMantia and Emily Vinci
As libraries anticipate a return to in-person programming, staff once again face the challenge of shifting between in person and virtual services. In this presentation, Katie and Emily will provide ideas for in-person activities to help recharge your programming energy as well as those that can be facilitated as simultaneous in-person and online hybrids. They will also provide ideas for programs better suited to virtual platforms to maintain the library’s increased accessibility. 

Teaching Computer Science Students about Algorithm Bias with Dr. Shalini Ramachandran and Sheree Fu
As the information universe becomes increasingly dominated by algorithms, librarians have a role in partnering with other information scientists to ensure that libraries can be spaces where communities can optimize their search for information. Working with computer science faculty, librarians Sheree Fu and Shalini Ramachandran consider whether an information literacy component focused on algorithmic bias would be beneficial to offer to students in the computational sciences and if so, how best to design the instruction. We share lessons learned from surveying, observing, and teaching computer science students about how bias in algorithms affects information systems and has a negative impact on fair societal outcomes.

You Can’t Predict the Future, But You Can Prepare For It with Callan Bignoli
This talk will discuss flexibility as a foundation for project management, preparing for future challenges, and leadership in the library field. We will also consider the importance of realigning with the core values of our profession and connecting to our communities to ensure we focus our limited time and resources on manageable, meaningful goals. Services and the way we deliver them are changing very quickly and unpredictably, and while that can be a frightening prospect, some of these changes are long overdue. Change can also be a traumatic process and being clear-eyed and transparent about its negative impacts is fundamental to understanding its power!

Neutrality and Free Speech: Who Wins? with TJ Lamanna
In this presentation we’ll be going over the topics of both neutrality in libraries as well as libraries as free speech advocates. We’ll discuss the conflicts and connections between the two seemingly opposing view points. The goal is to contextualize how neutrality and free speech must be balanced in the library as well as the difficult and harm that can be caused by confusing the two.

2:15 PM ET / 1:15 PM CT: Break

2:30 PM ET / 1:30 PM CT

Creating the Essential Toolbox for Online & Hybrid Programming with Diana Silveira
As libraries, the new norm has us live-streaming along with developing programming for hybrid and virtual events. To offer these services, we must create a comprehensive toolbox to deliver the best experience we can provide to our users. During this session, we will explore free and low-cost software solutions as well as hardware to provide the content we create.

Accessibility in Information Literacy with JJ Pionke
This session will focus on how to make information literacy sessions more accessible to patrons.  There will be an interactive discussion of disability followed by a more traditional lecture portion that aims specifically to address some tips on how to be more accessible while teaching, including making your PowerPoints screenreader friendly, using captioning in Zoom, and verbal queuing.   

A Tale of Two Libraries: Differing Reopening Strategies with Mary Brown and Jackie Spiritas
The respective headquarters of Jacksonville Public Library and Union County Public Library are less than 60 miles apart. These two libraries had two very different approaches to reopening after COVID shut down the state of Florida. This two library panel will compare the experiences and future plans of these two systems. One is composed of 21 branches serving a large area encompassing urban and suburban neighborhoods. The other is a single-location system serving a more rural population in one of the smaller counties in the state.

The Intersection of Racial Justice and Intellectual Freedom in Libraries: Moving From Performative to Transformative Action with Sabine Dantus
Can support of intellectual freedom spark racial justice? Can performative support of anti-racism books spark racial justice? Decolonizing bookshelves has been a clarion call this past year since the rise of anti-racism book lists after George Floyd’s death. Libraries are usually deemed neutral entities. In an era of canceled culture, book censorship, and book banning: what is the libraries’ role in developing an open forum for intellectual freedom and racial justice? Let’s discuss what libraries and librarians can do to sustain transformative practices in equity, diversity, and inclusion, including a scan of what libraries across the United States and internationally are doing to advance racial equity and intellectual freedom.