Set up Local Advocacy, Expand Your Campaign Reach

Interested in influencing local decision makers? An additional 56,000 local leaders have just been added to Salsa’s advocacy database. Now you can write letters and affect change at the local level too, not just with state and national officials.

Join us on this webinar as we walk you through the “how-to’s” of the workflow of the new database to target local officials. We’ll also touch on how this new upgrade can expand your campaign’s reach and leverage power in cities and towns of more than 10,000 people.

Shawn Rahmani has been in the political technology field for over 8 years working as a Data Analyst and support engineer for organizations like the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and the United Nations Association. Originally from Florida, Shawn came to DC to work for organizations that instigate change. Shawn worked on the 2005 Virginia’s governor’s election for Tim Kaine’s campaign courtesy of Working America. He is an advocate for progressive organizations and truly believes in technology evoking change.

Amanda Foster has been a supporter of progressive causes since ‘voting’ for Michael Dukakis in first grade. Years later, after internships in fundraising, working in field politics, and working for two Political Action Committees, she found her way to Salsa in July 2011 as a full time Account Manager. Amanda has just over 200 clients and loves working with such a diversity of groups, helping them take full advantage of their Salsa accounts.

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