Speaking Skills #2: Practice Session: Apply What You’ve Learned (Online) (NEFLIN)

Monday, January 31. Put speaking concepts from Part 1 to practice in this interactive second session. Bring to the session a presentation topic you selected from session I, a topic/upcoming presentation on which you are working, a presentation or topic on which you frequently speak and want pointers to spruce it up. Take advantage of this special opportunity to gain valuable coaching tips from Lauren, your speaking coach on how you can improve content, organization or delivery. Participants may volunteer to practice various aspects such as introduction, supporting elements and conclusion:

  • Using pre-webinar session work and information from Part 1, you will have a volunteer opportunity to practice presentation elements of organization, supporting details and effective introductions and conclusions
  • Gain tips on lessening pre-presentation nerves and review key points
  • Leverage coaching tips to sharpen your skills and to become an even more effective communicator for the future

Virtual Trainer: Lauren Burnett, Center for Inner Quality

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